What is Communilab?

Communilab enables socially responsible companies to make a lasting difference to young people in Surrey. We know businesses want to understand what is happening in their local area, support good work, and deepen their Social Value activity. We are connected to charities and voluntary groups who are delivering services to Young People in need.

Contact us now to find out how you and your organisation can join in and benefit from Communilab. We are delighted to already have the backing of Barclays, Allianz, ExxonMobil, Penningtons Manches, Pfizer and Surrey County Council. Will you be next?

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Working Together

Working together we can help your business deepen its Social Value strategy, giving you access to networks, knowledge, ideas to help you find out about and get involved with a wide range of youth organisations and activities across Surrey benefitting young people AND your business, such as opportunities to upskill your employees, add value to your customers, help you network to find new clients and use Social Value to help solve a business problem that you have.

“Increasingly companies are taking a more sophisticated and smarter approach in which corporate responsibility is no longer just an add-on but is ingrained in the very DNA of a business and helps them to deliver on an integrated social purpose.”  from Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100 by the Charities Aid Foundation.


Communilab Knowledge Hub

Through the Communilab Knowledge Hub you will find out about the changing needs of young people and youth organisations in Surrey and how your business can maximise its involvement. Involvement will include case studies and best practice of successful business engagement and provide useful “how to” guides covering a wide range of relevant Social Value topics such as risk assessment and mental health making it even easier for your to get started and get connected.

Being a member of the Communilab Knowledge Hub means your business will also have access to annual support from our knowledgeable staff to understand and plan your Social Value activity, including personal introductions to charities, and invitations to discounted events.

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In Surrey, 10% of Young People are living in poverty. In Surrey, there are 32,000 Young People with Special Educational Needs. In Surrey, there are 890 children on the Child Protection Register. In Surrey, 13,000 children are Young Carers


Come along to one of our specialist events to learn more about young people and Social Value in Surrey. You will find in depth information and expertise on a range of topics such as: reaching those most in need, safeguarding, trustee matchmaking, creative fundraising, employee volunteering best practice etc

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Customised Projects

Using our extensive knowledge of the sector we will work with you to identify a ‘best fit’ Social Value solution based on your customised needs, ensuring your Social Value strategy is designed to meet the needs of the community and serve your business objectives.

This can also include impact measurement to quantify the difference that your charitable work is making to the community.

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Volunteering Projects

Many companies in Surrey are using volunteering as part of a package of benefits to serve their recruitment and retention objectives. However, it takes a lot of staff time to build up the knowledge and contacts required to make these schemes a success. We can help reduce this burden by helping you set up and operate a volunteering scheme and broker opportunities for you. Your volunteering might include skills exchange, team volunteering and mentoring. We are also about to launch a new Professional Development Network.

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If you are looking for routes to raise your brand profile to businesses, youth organisations and young people, then talk to us about sponsorship. Surrey Youth Focus works collaboratively with businesses to identify and implement sponsorship packages that work for you. Opportunities include our own and other charities’ events, publications and social media presence.

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