Yes - we are innovating and collaborating!


theguardian is talking about encouraging innovation in the Charity Sector. This is music to our ears at Surrey Youth Focus. Innovation is just what we are doing with our new online network. A network that is bringing together organisations to support young people in our county. A network that is connecting businesses that want to know how their local community needs help; Universities that want to outreach; and local authorities that want to enable. We are connecting these organisations with our members - Charity and Voluntary organisations - and our network is called Communlab.

"Enable a collaborative culture"

By bringing these organisations together, we are enabling them to understand each other, build new relationships and collaborate. Some relationships are simple, like passing on redundant equipment - who knew a charity could benefit from old lawnmowers. And offering spare spaces on training courses. Even more exciting stuff happens when multiple partners collaborate on projects. Here are some ways that Communilab, our innovative, collaborative network is making changes:

  • Bringing together HR professionals with charities that support young people with learning disabilities, to find ways of enabling these young people to enter the world of work
  • Mentors sharing their skills with charity leaders - business skills are just as vital to a charity that is providing supported housing to care-leavers as they are to an insurance company
  • Finding meaningful volunteering days for local authority employees that harness to their experience to benefit the youth sector

"Digital is not just about a product or a service - it’s about a new way of doing things"

Inspired? Please contact us to find out how to get involved. 

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