A Case Study by Surrey Young Carers

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A Case Study by Surrey Young Carers

Sharing Perspectives – A case study by Surrey Young Carers


Partners involved

Surrey Young Carers, Guildford College and Bowmer & Kirkland 

Project explanation

The project was created as a response to the potential future deficit in the construction industry work force, as well as the identification that many young carers can miss out on career based opportunities and support. This project aimed to provide respite and a treat for young careers and also an insight into the construction industry. The project went ahead on Thursday 19th February 2015 with nine young carers and three support coordinators. The day started with an informal meet and greet, as well as an icebreaker game. Following this there was a presentation from the Site Manager, Carl Henderson and a site tour. The presentation also included potential career options and an on-going support link with SYC. The project continued with a trip to Airhop and Frankie & Benny’s to support the aim of a treat for the young carers. Overall this event has given the young carers the chance to look beyond the ‘here and now’ and to explore their feelings about future options

Success measures

Success was measured on the extent to which the project managed to help the local charity SYC. This included the extent to which the young people felt that the day was insightful, interesting and fun, as well as how successful the SYC support coordinator deemed the project. 

What worked well?

The presentation worked well as it was very encouraging and gave the young carers an idea of what it means to be a construction worker. The meal was also very successful as it enabled the young people to share their experiences, interests and aspirations for the future, as well as a well-deserved break from their carer roles. Overall the project seemed to work well as the young people appeared keen to find out more about the construction trade and the multitude of opportunities available to them. SYC also stated that they would be keen to work with Bowmer & Kirkland again. 

What challenges did the project face and how were they overcome?

No challenges were mentioned in project feedback. 

Explain areas for improvement and/or lessons learned 

Possible areas of improvement were to offer additional visits to the site as the build develops. They would also have liked to perhaps talk to other tradesmen and a female representative. Finally a list of all the trades involved in a build such as the Guildford Waitrose site would be useful in the future to broaden the young people’s understandings of all the opportunities open to them. 

What future opportunities exist?

Helen from Guildford College offered to work with SYC going forward and act as a link/source of guidance/information for any of the young individuals at our event who wanted to pursue anything discussed that day. She also offered free entry to an annual Merrist Wood College show. SYC also stated that they would be interested in continuing this partnership with Bowmer & Kirkland to provide more days such as this. 

Quotes and Feedback

Trudy Waite, Support Coordinator at SYC stated ‘thank you for choosing Surrey Youth Carers, we have enjoyed co-working with you on this project and look forward to any future ventures.’


Helen Brown from Guildford College wrote, ‘I thought the fact that the Company got involved with charity/ outreach work is fantastic and even better when targeted and engaging with the young of the local community from disadvantaged groups.’


Finally Debbie Bell, a Young Carers support coordinator said ‘my initial thoughts were that everything worked extremely well…I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bowmer and Kirkland and everyone at the Waitrose Guildford site for making the event a great success on many different levels.’


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